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The image is filled dollar bills. Three ripped pieces of paper lie on top of them. On the piece of ripped paper at the top of the image is the typed word “hardship”. On the second ripped piece of paper in the middle of the image is the typed word “inflation”. And on the third ripped piece of paper at the bottom of the image is the typed word “earnings.”

Is a Recession Coming?

Uh-Oh… On July 27, 2022, the fed raised interest rates again, bringing rates to between 2.25% to 2.5%. […]

The image has the word “taxes” in capital letters at the center of a piece of paper, with several related words surrounding it. Clockwise the words are Property, sales, capital gains, dividends, imports, gifts, income and payroll. There are arrows pointing from the word taxes to each of the related words. A hand holding a black marker is at the bottom right of the page

Is Life Insurance Taxable?

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Life insurance Death Benefit? Life insurance is a lifesaver for loved […]

A monthly balance sheet with a pen lying across it to accompany the article about how to choose affordable life insurance.

Is Life Insurance Affordable?

Many variables determine the premium you pay, which means there are affordable options for different types of people at a variety of price points.

The image is a pile of money that fills the entire image frame. It is meant to illustrate the losses rising life insurance claims cost life insurance companies in 2021.

Rumor Has It Life Insurance Claims Are Up

It’s no secret that the world is a more dangerous place than it used to be. And U.S. death rates are significantly higher—especially since COVID crashed onto our shores.

A group of three skydivers with black and yellow jumpsuits and black helmets seems to be floating in the sky above a vast landscape just before they open their parachutes. The picture illustrates daredevil activity and the need for life insurance protection for dangerous hobbies.

Life Insurance for Daredevils with a Dangerous Hobby

Jumping, flying, and diving are thrilling ways to get your danger on. But when it comes to protecting your family from financial ruin should your death-defying prove deadly

A young woman and her grandpa smile at the camera to signify they are happy they had a talk about the importance of a budget and sound financial planning, thanks to his financial advice.

Age Matters. Budget Your Time as Well as Your Money

Life seems so much easier for older people. They’re financially secure. They get senior deals at restaurants. They’ve already lived through most of their tough times.

A bearded man with his arms outstretched stands against a mountainous background to signify the relief he’s found from finding the best term life policy possible to protect his family’s financial well-being should he die while he’s still single.

Do You Need Life Insurance If You’re Single?

We’re living through some tough times. Climate change, social strife, financial uncertainty. Perhaps you’re so busy just getting through

The image, designed to represent artificial intelligence, is a mixture of colors and shapes, which come together to create the outline of a person’s face from forehead to chin. The image accompanies an article about how AI algorithms are changing the life insurance industry and policyholders’ customer service experience.

How AI Is Disrupting Life Insurance Industry

There’s a reason life insurance underwriters, agents, and customer service reps are venturing out from their statistics-laden, fluorescent-bathed

The image is a close-up of a glass jar of coins, labeled “Gas Money.”

Don’t Let Rising Gas Prices Drag You Down

Mark lived through the high inflation and gas crisis back in the 1970s and felt lucky to have stayed in his house, put food on the table and send his kids to college.

The image is of a small house held in two hands, with a receiving hand reaching for it. A clipboard with paper and pen resting on it is on the table below the hands. The image is used to signify the security mortgage protection insurance provides

Mortgage Protection Insurance. Life Insurance for Your Home

If you have a family, life insurance is a must-have. If you have a home, insurance that covers your mortgage is equally important.

The image features an older couple sitting at a table in their home looking at an electronic tablet. There’s a cup of coffee in the foreground. The image is used to depict a couple shopping for the best life insurance for seniors

Best Life Insurance for Seniors

As much as we don’t want to face it, life is terminal. And if you’ve reached your golden years without a life insurance policy, those premium costs are more costly

A photograph of a black man in a white t-shirt, showing him from the shoulders to the top of his head. His eyes are closed and his face is slightly raised upward in a relaxed pose. The image represents the benefits of mindfulness and relaxation

What Does Mindfulness Have to Do with Meditation?

You probably know that you don’t have to devote your life to sitting on a mountaintop to get the serenity you see glowing from a Tibetan monk

A man in a hooded jacket in profile, holding a gun. The image represents the rise in gun-related deaths.

Statistics May Make You Hold Your Loved Ones a Bit Closer

If you have young kids, you’re probably hugging them a little tighter these days after what unfolded at Robb Elementary in Uvalde Texas, recently

A globe with a surgical mask stretched across it by latex-gloved hands to illustrate global pandemic threats

First COVID, Now Monkeypox: Protecting Your Family in an Unpredictable World

According to the CDC around 1 million people have died from COVID. Adults aged 30 to 50 make up 6% of that number.

three stacks of U.S. quarters stacked by height, lowest to highest, beneath a staggered arrow, indicating the rising costs of inflation.

Navigating Your Financial Foundation in an Inflation Nation

Navigating Your Financial Foundation in an Inflation Nation Navigating Your Financial Foundation in an Inflation Nation

The image is of a male doctor examining an older man wearing glasses. The doctor’s hands just below his patient’s jawline. They both wear protective face masks per COVID restrictions. The image is in a red circle with a red line over it, signifying that life insurance can be obtained with no exam necessary.

Understanding No Exam Life Insurance

Getting an online term life insurance policy quote is the easy part. Actually receiving the policy can take longer and is a bit more complicated.

An Asian American family of four; a mother, father, son and daughter, sit on a couch together. The image is meant to signify how important assigning a life insurance beneficiary is to one’s family.

How to Select a Beneficiary

Your beneficiary will be the one receiving and managing the money from your life insurance death benefit after you pass away. How do you want that money used?

A Simple Guide to 30-Year Term Insurance. The image is of a smiling white family of four; a mom, a dad, a boy and a girl.

A Simple Guide to 30-Year Term Insurance

Unlike permanent life insurance that covers you for life, term life insurance charges a fixed premium for a fixed amount of time. You buy a policy for 10, 15, 25, or 30 years

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? Image is of a winding road with lush trees on the left side and a mountain range in the distance on the other. A sign at the side of the road reads “Rough Road Tunnel.”

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Thinking about death is uncomfortable. Perhaps that’s why people purchasing life insurance often rush to an online calculator and punch in some arbitrary number

life insurance form checklist page. At the top of the page are the words, “Life Insurance.” Below that is a list of words, each work has a box to the right of it. The list is as follows:“family protection”, “security”, “bonus”, “investment”, “saving”. A black ballpoint pen lies across the page.

What Is Permanent Life Insurance?

There are two primary types of permanent insurance: Whole Life and Universal Life. And while you can combine the two in various ways to meet your individual needs,

shadow of five people on a sidewalk

5 Types of People Who Need Life Insurance the Most

The people who really need life insurance are the accident-prone, heavy drinkers, long-term smokers, and careless daredevils, right? Well, yeah, in a perfect world.

A family of four stands in a golden field watching the sun set over a mountain range in the distance. We only see the back of them. A blond-haired girl with a ponytail sits on her dad’s shoulders, their arms stretched wide. He’s wearing a red checkered shirt and jeans. His wife has her arm around his waist and her head rests on his outstretched arm. She wears a white shirt with horizontal black stripes. A checkered shirt is tied around her waist. She is also wearing jeans and she is holding a baby on her hip. He’s wearing a straw hat, a checkered shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

Understanding Term Life Insurance

Talking about life insurance isn’t as enjoyable as talking about say, last night’s game or your daughter’s first ballet recital. But it’s a necessary conversation.

A black timeline marked by in ticks by 10’s, starting at 10s, 20s, 30’s and so on up until 80s. They delineate decades by age. Just above the 10s tick is a black outline of a car drawing, with the word “car” written in black just above it. Beneath the timeline between the 10s and 20s ticks is a black outline drawing of a house with the word “home” underneath it. The word “insurance is just above the 20s tick, the word marriage beneath the 30s tick, the word “career” is above the section between 30s and 40s. The words “after retirement” is beneath the section between 60s and 70s, with an outline drawing of a man, a woman and two children between them. To the right of them are a cluster of three money symbols, a dollar sign, a Yen sign and a Euro sign. The words “money savings pension” appear to their right. At the very bottom of the image are a pair of blue shoes with white laces beneath a striped pair of trousers. The shoes appear to be photographed from above, with someone wearing the shoes and trousers.

Importance of Life Insurance

Paul’s dad started pestering his 29-year-old son about buying life insurance soon after Paul got married. Paul kept putting it off. He and his wife wanted to travel.

Online Life Insurance

When it comes to life insurance, there are a lot of options to choose from. You can get a policy that lasts for a certain number of years, or one that is permanent.