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How Much Life Insurance do I Need?

I have a simple tool to help us figure that out together. Here is my super simple Life Insurance Calculator. Try this out. Afterward, if you feel you want a more customized Calculator that explains how your family will use your policy try our more customized calculator tool by clicking here.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

We compare allow you to compare quotes from America’s top-rated life insurance carriers. Click here compare your quotes.

Do i have to complete a medical exam to purchase life insurance?

Some carriers offer the opportunity to purchase coverage without having to complete an in-person medical exam. Their is no upcharge for this option, but you need to be healthy enough to qualify. Click here to compare quotes from carriers that offer no exam options.

Thanks Wandy, but I'd still like to speak with a live agent.

I understand – PolicyWand agents are great. They don’t work on commission so you can rest assured they are here to help. You can call directly at 888-530-9263 or you can LIVE CHAT by clicking here. Just tell them Wandy sent you!

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